Hello World!

Hello all!

We are Brooklyn Seoul Collective, a couple of art and human lovers! We aim to bridge the gap between nations and people alike. No matter the divide, no matter the conflict of interest, we believe there is no connection that can’t be forged through combined creative expression and feeling. We are currently building #bkseoulproject and its collective ideas and we are in need of support. The Brooklyn Seoul Project is a reflection of our founder and the experiences he relished in while traveling Southeast Asia and teaching ESL for 6 years in Seoul, Korea. Our goal is to create a platform and foster events that promote exchange between visual artists from South East Asia and an opportunity to study abroad in Brooklyn and the same for Brooklyn based artists. We will highlight the impact and impressions both Brooklyn and Seoul’s art, fashion and music industries have left on society while tackling and discussing the issues that women as artists face daily. Follow us on social media for more: Facebook Instagram Instagram